Here's just a small sampling of the activities of Operation MATT to draw Dominicans to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and a connect them to church body of believers to help them grow.

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Medical Clinic

Our doctors provide examinations, treatment recommendations and pharmeceuticals to people who may not be able to afford these services or have access to them

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Many older Dominicans have never had an eye exam nor glasses.  In partnership with Eye Doc In A Box,  Operation MATT provides a simple vision assessment and reading glasses. To purchase glasses on their own would cost as much as one weeks wages.

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Our motivation and primary goal is to share the good news of God's love, sacrifice and saving grace for His people so they can praise Him around the throne with the multitudes. 



The Bicycle Repair Ministry is drawing children from the community to interact with our teams, hear the Gospel and share with their parents and family about what their local church has provided them.  It is another example of how God's love can be expressed to His people, in the hopes that they will be interested in following Him, and joining the local fellowship of believers.